A trip to the Tuscan countryside

The start of a romantic journey, surreal in a
setting that tells ancient stories, fairy tales,
of lost smells, horses and fresh grass.
A long reflective journey, in which it is possible to discover that we can
astill breathe and reunite with mother nature.

The bright green becomes the background of a painting
'En plein air', a dèjeneur sur l'herbe
immortalized in the Tuscan countryside, with the strength of
contemporary colors and lights contrast balanced
by the silent breath of the leaves.

The land, this land that has always produced its fruits,
a land that does not betray if loved, that pays homage to us
with its flavors, and allows itself to rest in the cellars.
Tasting these stories, becomes an important step
in this journey that contains the value of the 5 senses,
which rise and awaken, enjoying the
rebirth of nature itself in its most complete form of life.

lThe end of this exploration is the glorification of the
earth as a muse to venerate, the hills, the vineyards,
the sky and the century-old cypresses.
Reunite with everything that refers to roots,
water, oxygen, to be reborn, as children of a single mother.